Digital X-ray At Home

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₹ 1000

Per View

Lab At Homes is now able to conduct X-ray at home across Mumbai. It’s way beyond convenient for elder patients as they don’t have to travel to hospital or diagnostic centres for the same. X-ray is now made readily available for you at your home in Mumbai. Not just elders, this can be availed by anyone who does not wish to spend extra time in hospitals or diagnostic centres. Let us do the work and come to you. Along with X-ray we also provide ECG, Blood Test, COVID19 Test and Covid Antibody Test services at home. One does not need to take any sort of extra efforts at the crucial stage. All you need to do is book the service and we will be there.

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    Terms and Conditions

    • By filling and submitting the form, you give us consent to call you back to fix the appointment as per your convenient time.
    • The health advisors and diagnostic team will guide you through the entire process of testing.
    • Our team will take essential information and medical history of your health pre-diagnosis for suggesting relevant tests. Or else you can simply submit the healthcare prescription for a specific test.
    • Once the booking appointment is confirmed, a trained Phlebotomist (Sample Collector) will visit you at the chosen time and address for free sample collection. The person may also take other vitals if suggested in the pre-diagnosis process.
    • The sample will be transported to the nearest collection hub while maintaining the sample integrity. Then it will be centrifuged before sending it to the test laboratories.
    • Once the results are calibrated in the PPL Diagnostics lab, our medical team will verify the results and prepare a smart report along with historical trends and vital information submitted by you. We will then share the same digital report with you.
    • You will also have an option of post-report counseling with our medical professionals as a part of the healthcare services provided to you.
    • We provide you with 24/7 customer support service for any query or concern you may have before, during, or after the diagnostic process.
    • When you sign up with PPL Diagnostics, you allow us to send you text notifications, marketing offers, and health checkup reminders.